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Re: Jimmie's Photos - Luxembourg Open 2012

Originally Posted by pov View Post

BTW how'd you end up becoming a NASCAR fan?
Your question kind of makes it sound like I have cancer or something

First off, motorsports is sort of my main life passion and a big part of my profession, I follow lots of racing series. I never followed NASCAR before I first saw Jimmie at the Race of Champions in 2002 and I just found his character to be fascinating because he just doesn't fit with the typical NASCAR crowd - Well-articulated Californians simply rub the traditional NASCAR fan the wrong way

The majority of fans still hate him with a passion and that makes following him a lot of fun, especially since he's become mega successful and that just makes the haters boil. It's kind of like TF, but instead of snappy gay guys it's middle-aged Americans going off the rails

With that being said, stock car racing isn't my favorite form of racing by far and I surely won't watch it quite as much once Jimmie retires one day.
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