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Re: Chris Evert Thread

Chris Evert has one of the best backhands ever.
The best backhand ever IMO. No one has better balance, touch, and even better, depth. As she got older and racquet technolgy changed she put away a lot more balls for winners too. Chris hit somes deadly short angle crosscourt winners when she got a short ball in the mid to late 80s and was set up to smack it.

Early on her career she was vulnerable off this side when stretched short and wide. This tactic often forced her to take one hand off the racquet, leaving her without a forceful reply. Evonne Goolagong and Billie Jean King used this strategy a lot against her on grass.

As she got older though her sliced backhand got better, even if it was rarely used. And while never a natural at net she improved there too. The difference from her Wimbledon matches with Evonne from 1972 to 1976 are striking.

Those who watch today will say she never had power to compete with modern stars. I say balderdash. The sticks of Evert's era were like antique pistols compared to today's oversized bazookas.
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