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Re: Sammy's 2012 Off-Season Conference Thread

Originally Posted by annetcl View Post
We can getting very spiritual now aren't we? This is an interesting thought though. I am always really impressed with Maria's fighting spirit and competitiveness. Sammy could do well to take a page of Maria's play book re the resetting after each and every point but hopefully not take 28 secs to do this! Maria got a warning from Cicak during her match with Sammy for taking too long between points

From Sammy's pressers etc you get the impression her mind is very "busy" during matches. This is where I feel Sammy could do with some medication/yoga type sessions just to learn keep the mind simple and calm during her matches. I see that Casey is attending some Lululemon summit where she is doing yoga and medication. She should have roped Sammy in for this!
Well, it's not like Sam doesn't possess the tennis skills to beat the top 10 players. She does. So what's holding her back? The psychological aspect of her game. I agree that her mind is very busy during matches. And the mind cannot hit a tennis ball. Therefore, I think she needs to develop some kind of process to hush the mind and let the body do what it knows how to do automatically. (Like I said, this is something that's near and dear to my heart because I have worked on it for a long time and still struggle with an over-active inner voice during matches). If she can find that calm, centered place between points, I think we will see fewer meltdowns and chokes.

Something tells me that if Casey and Sam were doing yoga together, they would not be able to stop giggling! But there is definitely a connection between the spiritual and mental parts of the game. I hope she can find a method that works well for her, perhaps having a mini-visit to the Zen Garden between each point. On the amateur level, I've also heard of coaches encouraging their students to think of a song that they can come back to in their mind and play it in their head to cleanse the thoughts of any judgement or inner negativity - although probably too simple of a strategy on the pro level, it's a good idea and works well for some folks.
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