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Re: US X Factor 2012 (Chat Thread)

In my opinion 2/4 judges got it completely wrong.

Demi and Simon did a great job.

Britney and LA messed up.

First, Britney clearly favors Beatrice for some weird reason. I'm sorry she is just not a good vocalist, Diamond is way better than her. It should have been Diamond and Beatrice singing for survival and Beatrice going home. I like Diamond but I'm not going to try and say her first performance merited her getting a pass - because it didn't. Arin shouldn't have had to sing tonight but Beatrice definitely should have. Beatrice is going home soon anyway though so it won't matter, just sucks for Diamond because she could have been something special.

Also, LA - what was he thinking not only kicking David Correy off but putting him in the bottom two? David is one of the best vocalists on this show currently. I don't get that, at all. Jason did sing well too but David deserved to go further, Vino did not. LA honestly screwed his chances of one of his contestants making it really far into the show. Anyone else agree?

Ugh, that results show was kind of messed up. I thought for sure 1432 was going to go home but am so happy they aren't. They have way too many good vocalists to get kicked off by the nasally annoying country singers from Texas - I do think they could have a good future in the country genre though.

Wasn't a huge CeCe fan before, but I kind of am now. Her first performance I actually really liked, not sure what the judges said about her vocals being off but praised Jennel (who I am a huge fan of), Diamond (ended up going home anyway by Britney's fuckery), Paige, and so many other singers who didn't sing well..

That was a lot

Just hoping for a good season

Not sure who my clear favorite is at this point (before it was Jennel).. But I currently like CeCe, Jennel, Carly, Emblem3 and 1432.

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