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Re: The Valeria Savinykh Cheering Thread!

Originally Posted by Faithnareva View Post

Yes, I'm back , and I'm gonna try to stay for good I've been on a bit of a tennis break for the last months (I guess no Bepa around quite accounts for this)
Nice to see you back, although I understand the lack of activity due to your fav player being absent!

Last year there was this Russian photographer who covered the tournament, he seemed to be in love with Lera cause last year he shot like 250 pictures of her
You sure that wasn't Rix?

Anyway, Lera now has a 5-0 h2h against Renata

Glad Lera was able to break her losing streak. Hope she continues to win. She leads Paula, 1-0.

is coming for your towel, too.


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