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Re: Petra Kvitova's YEC 2012 (1 match and a withdrawal)

Originally Posted by Petronius View Post
Yup, I watched and there's no disagreement on Petra's performance at the 2011 YEC: she was AMAZING.

But I also noticed that a certain all-time great could not take part, because she had suffered from a hematoma and a pulmonary embolism early in 2011 and therefore hadn't amassed enough points to qualify for YEC.

And I also noticed that a certain multi-slam champion had to withdraw from the 2011 YEC as a result of the ankle injury she had suffered in Tokyo.

Let's be honest, the above medical issues of these two great players (and I am not a big fan of either of them TBH) made Petra's YEC title run easier.

So once again, no disagreement on Petra's great play at last year's YEC. Those kind of performances are BTW the reason why I am a fan.
I find it hard to believe that you could really understand Petra's level of play--many times in 2011, while at the same time bemoan her achievements due to the lack of (especially) Sharapova and even Serena's form. Most people at worst would say, "boy I would love to see both of them playing at their highest level during the same season and matches".

If you were happy about Maria winning yesterday (and why you feel Petra's 2011 was some how tainted), that's cool. You could have went to Maria's subforum to write about it and not here; the same with Serena! What you're doing seems totally out of place, especially now.

So what happens, if/when Petra's starts beating either one of them in 2013? Are you going to be the first one happily proclaiming "You see Petra wasn't playing up to her 2011" standard"? Or are going to say again "Serena and Sharapova are not playing up to THEIR standard". What gives?

What you don't get is, Petra can stink Up Da Joint for the next 6 years, that doesn't take away from the level of tennis she played in 2011. Obviously Aga's coach noticed, and noted that as well.

Now if Petra didn't play some fabulous tennis in 2011, then everything you say would make sense/be more appropriate. But the fact that she played some otherworldly tennis at times (including her demeanor, confidence, anticipation, shotmaking, movement, mental focus--when needed, fitness, etc.), should provide her that proverbial bye and Statute Of Limitations for the future.

Everyone knows what you mean. And it's not like there isn't some truth to it. However, Petra earned her way to those titles with spectacular play. It's not like she bullshitted her way through off reputation, guile/savvy, intimidation or good fortune--as so many other great players have (even though Petra could use some of that--now by the way).
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