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Originally Posted by goldenlox View Post
I think Sharapova was right also. Individuals have different talent & styles.
Having kids out hitting like an assembly line, hoping one becomes a superstar, doesnt give each individual a chance to develop their unique skill set.

I think what made Caro so great WAS the unusual forehand and defensive style.
I think to be her best, she has to build on that in a way that her skill set is still showing off her unique talents.
Thats what I'm looking at in 2013. Is she using what she does well, and adding to that?
I dont believe breaking down her game & rebuild it is the right thing, unless they rebuild it to use her unique talents

The problem with slow courts, like Moscow & Istanbul (this year) is that so many long rallies wear players down. YEC they're all exhausted
It seems that this is what happened in 2012. In Moscow she looked more like her self from 2011,2010 period. She wasn't playing too aggressively and was rather waiting for the right moment to attack and also tried to get errors from the opponents.
Had she played more aggressively, I think she wouldn't win the tournament. She'd just commit far too many UEs and hit too few winners. That's what happened in many of her losses this year.

It seems that she's aware of the problem because in one of her matches the commentators mentioned that she said she was trying to hit the ball harder at times but then she often made too many errors.

Hopefully, she'll find the right balance next season. But before that there's still Sofia to win.
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