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Re: Your biggest comeback in a tennis match???

My last 4 league matches, I've lost the 1st set but won the match in 3. For the first 3 of those matches, I knew I would win the match even though I lost the 1st set, because the guys didn't have great serves.

But today's match was different. My opponent was a 5.0 player with a monster first and second serve. His placement was immaculate and his serve was 'heavy' on my racquet. He was putting spin on it but still getting it to move through the court and hitting the corners.

I only broke his service game ONCE in the entire match. And that's how I won.

I'm a slow starter so my serve game was woeful in the first set and he won it 6-3. His forehand is also very good. Very aggressive topspin he puts on it so it really jumps forward after the bounce. In the first set he was killing any ball that was above waist level.

2nd set was awful because he was holding at love or 15, and my service games were constantly going to duece. I always managed to hold though. His breakpoint conversion rate in the 2nd set was awful lol.
So no breaks in the second set and we went to tiebreak. I got tentative and nervous and doublefaulted and found myself down 0-3 in the tiebreaker.
I switched to my 2nd racquet (still poly string) but at a higher tension, so I could be confident in hitting out. I made the mental adjustment to play the ball, to move to it, to take it early.
This resulted in some spectacular points in the tiebreaker. 1 overhead winner, 2 swinging volley winners, 1 lob winner and forced errors.
My opponent wasn't making as many first serves now, and got lucky with some really good returns off his second serve.
I didn't lose another point and won the tiebreaker 7-3.

3rd set started with my opponent serving. His focus dipped for a little bit and he gave up a df and some loose points and I broke him. My serve was in full flight at this point, and not to brag but when I'm timing it well with good weight transfer, I hit a big serve, flat or kick so I wasn't worried about my service game. This is a good thing because my opponent's serve game came right back and I couldn't make a dent in it for the rest of the set.
I held at 5-4 to win the match. Last point (at 40-0) was an unreturned flat serve out wide, right on the line.

Final Score 3-6, 7-6 (3), 6-4.

I'm very proud of the comeback and win because he is the toughest opponent I have faced this year so far.
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