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Re: $25,000 Traralgon (AUS) 2012 | Oct 22 (Draws)

Originally Posted by SeanyQ View Post
I was really suprised to see that in their 3 matches against each other, Olivia has never won a set off Sally (never once played each other in juniors).
However, same deal with Karo vs Jess. Jess had never won a set off Karo (also in 3 meetings). I have a feeling we'll see the same pattern with Olivia & Sally. Despite their head 2 head, I'd be shocked if Sally beat Olivia this week.
I saw them place once and basically Sally was too steady and mentally tough for Liv. Now I think the roles have reversed. Good job by Sally as she is slowly building up again.

Karo only getting two games off Jess Its not like she's was going to be hit off the court. Maybe scratchy from a lack of matches or CBF??

Bad luck to Alison. Another journey gal trying to make her way back.

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