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Sabine Lisicki dose Horribilis

TENNIS - Exploded in 2009, limited in 2010 by an ankle injury, resurrected in 2011 with the semi-finals of Wimbledon lost to Sharapova. But this year Lisicki a big crisis of results. What happens to Sabine? Stefano Tarantino

The year 2012 was supposed to be the final year of his consecration and instead Sabine Lisicki has fallen into a negative vortex that poor performance, early withdrawal, stinging defeats.

But what happened to the explosive player, and determined that in 2011 he had to rub his eyes more during Wimbledon (defeated in the semifinals after beating them in the second round canceling match point) and that it was then raised to 2012 BEGINNING until the position nr. 12?
How can a young player, promising and technically equipped collapse so suddenly? What are the causes of this crisis results?

First things first and quickly retrace the career of Lisicki.

The WTA circuit has witnessed in recent years a veritable explosion of German tennis movement.
Not since Steffi Graf, Barbara Rittner and Hanke Huber not seen at the top of the women's Teutonic many players.
Goerges, Petkovic, Barrois , Barthel, Lisicki Kerber and are in turn rose to the forefront of circuit occupying more or less the upper echelons of the rankings.

Each with its own special characteristics, both physical and play.

Surely one of these one of the first to show off was Sabine Lisicki.

Born in Troisdorf in September 1989, Sabine in 2006 played the first match in an official tournament (Berlin), in 2008 came in the top 100, in 2009 the real quantum leap with the victory in the tournament in Charleston, the final in Luxembourg and the achievement of the best ranking position nr. 22.

The Lisicki it showcases especially for the power of his shots , both straight and reverse (played with both hands) and also in the service. And 'one of the few in the circuit that pulls the first of the 200 km / h, hit the places from this point of view close to the Williams sisters.

The Lisicki in 2008 had obtained important results, reaching the final in Tashkent (Cirstea lost through having had a match point), and especially the quarter-finals in Cincinnati.
But as we have said, the spotlight will turn on for her the following year.
addition to the victory of Charleston and the semifinals of the tournament in Luxembourg, Sabine arrives in the semi-finals in Memphis but especially for the first time reached the quarterfinals in a Grand Slam. The goal is reached at Wimbledon , where the tennis German among other beats Kuznetsova and Wozniacki in the third round before losing in the second round (but only in the third set) to Dinara Safina.

The season finale will not be exciting, but Sabine is now there, close to the first and has been shown in the best days of we can easily compete.

But fate sometimes is mocking and puts a spoke in the wheels.unexciting After starting in 2010, Lisicki was forced to retire in the first round of the tournament in Indian Wells for a bad sprained left ankle suffered in the first match of round against veteran American Jill Craybas.
The German tries again in Miami, but the problem persists, another retreat against Shvedova in the first round.

Better to fix the problem once and for all, followed by five months of care and rehabilitation away from the races, the points earned in the previous year expire, the Lisicki again in Cincinnati in mid-August around the 100th position.

It is to reconstruct the moral start over after being a step elite is not easy, the German humbly to climb up the table does not disdain the ITF tournaments. But the results do not come and the Sabine in 2011 from the position nr. 175.

The courage and boldness, however, there are the German part and a slow but steady ascent.

Third round in Auckland, then also the third round in Miami and Charleston, then come the quarters on the ground in Stuttgart.
Sabine at Roland Garros part from the qualifying and reached the second round, then comes the season on the grass surface than ever appreciated by Lisicki has the shots to gain respect on the green meadows.
Indeed the German finds the enamel of good times and with it confidence. victory at the tournament in Birmingham where beats Hantuchova in the final (not even losing a set in 6 rounds).

Then you go to Wimbledon, the determination pushes Lisicki playing in an incredible way, the German wants to reassert itself and does not give a ball, ever. The road is superb , the joke Sevastova in the first round and then the champion of Roland Garros in office, China's Li Na in the second round. That game is known to most Sabine Liscki. You play on center court, rain and closes the roof. The match was fantastic and exciting, the Chinese used twice to close the game and also has match point, Lisicki you save the great, served in an exemplary manner and at the same time disarming, reverses the situation and ended 8-6 in the third. It 's the classic victory that throws you mentally , Sabine beats the Japanese Doi, the Cetkovska and Marion Bartoli in the quarterfinals. The only stop Maria Sharapova in the semifinals, but Lisicki is now in confidence.

Quarters at Stanford and Carlsbad, the German won the tournament in Dallas without losing even a set and allowing opponents to just 13 games in five rounds, a real war machine.

At the U.S. Open has stopped in the second round by Zvonareva, then also plays the Master "minor" in Bali where he lost in the semifinals of the Medina Garrigues when she is forced to retire due to back problems.

The Lisicki Thus ends an extraordinary year, nr. 216 in March 2011 to close the position nr. 15.

The expectations for 2012 are high, maybe you just need to improve a little 'mobility in the end zone and TOP10 are not really a mirage.
Sabine is now a character, she is seen in a few commercials of some commercial importance, the most famous is the one in which in a remake of the TV series Charlie's Angels is committed to driving a brand new sports car.

But once again, fate makes fun of her

After the quarterfinals in Auckland and the second round at the Australian Open, Lisicki's hard to get going.
Nothing special in Doha and Dubai, two decent performance in Fed Cup against the Czech Republic (the defeat by Kvitova actually goes to written more to the merits of the opponent), then ugly exit in the first round at Indian Wells (against Domingues Lino) and the third round in Miami (defeated by them, after having a break lead in the deciding set).

Yeah maybe not happy with his game, the German in his beloved Charleston tournament undergoes the final blow.
's quarters, cover 1-1 against Serena Williams, Lisicki in a change of direction puts him out the damn left ankle.
The German you wrap the foot, trying to stay on the field, but in the end in despair and despondency to give up cover 1-5 leaving the field in tears with Serena tries to console her and he almost starts crying her as well.

Sabine has to stop again, but this time the recovery is hard.
The German is not found anymore, the smiling face of Wimbledon 2011 has given way to a face insecure and discouraged, that of a girl who seems at any moment expect something contrary.

The Lisicki returned to Rome, but the results do not come. This was followed by defeats in the first round (four), then all of a sudden it seems to get the new revival, yet at Wimbledon.

The German found sull'amata grass, his great undertaking against the nr. 1 in the world, Sharapova, beaten in straight sets in the second round.
Sabine is stopped in the quarter in a tough derby by compatriot Kerber, check that the 7-5 in the third, but Lisicki had served for the match in the deciding set.

However, the recovery appears to be underway, even in the Olympic tournament (always at Wimbledon) things do not seem to go wrong. Time out in the third round, but against Sharapova that she takes the slam London (and there may be).

After finishing the season on the grass again, however, the crisis of results.
Sabine played six tournaments and won a single game in Beijing against Medina Garrigues, but mainly collects inexplicable defeats.
Mayr in Linz loses against Achleitner, no. 159 of the ranking, in Montreal from Suarez Navarro in Luxembourg this week by Flipkens, players who under normal conditions should not ever worry.

What are the reasons? The fear of being hurt again scares her to the point of losing her confidence in her game? Fear of not being able to return to some degree?

It 'clear that the victories of the lifts and help bring confidence, in short, the classic self-perpetuating process, the more I win, the more confidence repurchase, plus find my game.
well as the arguments to the contrary is true, defeats bring distrust that leads more defeats .

And then you have to hope that 2013 will lead to Lisicki some important victory against an opponent and if anything major happened as early as 2011, so that the circuit haunts one of his protagonists, one of those that are technically and in normal conditions it has nothing as good as the first in the ranking.

By Sabine, expect your second rebirth
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