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Re: The Amazing and Remarkable Monica Niculescu

Originally Posted by Shvedbarilescu View Post
Yes, agree with pretty much all of this. Not sure I would call Monica brainless exactly because when she is focused she is anything but, but her brain does desert her at times, she stops thinking, goes into what I call her "freefall" mode, and at those moments, yeah, she is brainless. One sees it happen at least once on the vast majority of her matches. What has been good this week is that she has been able to fight through these spells so they haven't cost her more than 2 or 3 games. But it is hugely important for her to always be totally alert to what she is doing and when she isn't it quickly becomes apparent.

Oh and having said all that...isn't it nice to see Monica in another semifinal after the last few wretched months?
You answered yourself, when she is focused and when she is confident I would say. I take the match against Knapp as an example. She easily cruised through the first set even playing some superb shots at times, but just reverted to pushing afterwards. Far too passive and yeah, brainless for a player like her just to let the opponent do and react, only replying with forehand slices.

I agree with the freefall, but that may be also caused by her temper. She is very vocal and probably loses focus by lamentating too much.

It is and it is very surprising to me, because i've already seen her on the edge of Top 100 after that week. Now, she will lose just 70 points at most, which is still enough for a spot in the Top 80 after that long injuy break and enough to avoid playing too much qualifiers in smaller events next year.

There is still a bunch of points for her to defend at the AO and especially Doha next year - afterwards more or less nothing for the rest of the season.
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