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Re: The Amazing and Remarkable Monica Niculescu

Originally Posted by Curcubeu View Post
I agree a lot with that second paragraph and would take the different surfaces into consideration as well. Her game doesn't work against most opponents on clay at all, for example. Yes, her serve which is just screaming to be bashed is one story, but she struggles a lot with the lack of pace she is getting there and any decent opponent who knows how to use top spin is crushing there. On clay it's even more important for her to keep length in her shots and use the dropshot more than accurate for example.

As I said, Monica herself is far too brainless in my opinion in many matches and just sticks to pushing after a while because it's more comfortable for her and on a negative side effect, let her opponents get into rhythm which is completely against her main goal. She really has to stay active for the whole match.
Yes, agree with pretty much all of this. Not sure I would call Monica brainless exactly because when she is focused she is anything but, but her brain does desert her at times, she stops thinking, goes into what I call her "freefall" mode, and at those moments, yeah, she is brainless. One sees it happen at least once on the vast majority of her matches. What has been good this week is that she has been able to fight through these spells so they haven't cost her more than 2 or 3 games. But it is hugely important for her to always be totally alert to what she is doing and when she isn't it quickly becomes apparent.

Clay, yeah, definately her worst surface and it does tend to emphasise her main weaknesses as player, lack of a big serve or killer shot, while negating her strengths, all her wide arsenal of shots become easier for her opponent to keep in play and Monica ends up in these long rallies at the baseline. And with the kind of game she has, it isn't surprising that when it comes down to a battle of consistency of groundies from the baseline the player hitting the more unorthodox shots is going to struggle. And yes, depth of shot and the use of the dropshot are definately the two primary things Monica needs to focus on when playing on clay, that's absolutely totally the word of truth.

Oh and having said all that...isn't it nice to see Monica in another semifinal after the last few wretched months?

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