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Re: The Amazing and Remarkable Monica Niculescu

Originally Posted by Djezonfly View Post
Won 64 62 ! Classic Monica match against an erratic power player like Goerges, she didn't even to be that artistic, just throw slices around, stay in the point and the ball would fly in the stands. Great win considereing Julia slayed her 62 61 in Tokyo, proof that Monica is finally heading back in the right direction.

Also, Monica proved me wrong in this match, her slice was definitely the key shot of the match
Yeah, the slice was very effective today. Personally I would never tell Monica to drop the slice but it's true the effectiveness of Monica's slice does vary massively depending on the opponent. Basically it is such a different shot, with an extreme undercut spin that makes it quite different to most other slices and consequently players react to it very differently. For some it is a bamboozling nightmare to get back in play, or a shot that tricks you into hitting a big winner that you end up missing while for others it is like the easiest shot to get back and there are certainly a number of players who have no problem at all rallying against Monica's slice.

That said, even against those players it can be used as an attacking shot for chip and charging, a la Rybarikova, or defensively. But as a rallying shot it works against some but not against others. Which is why Monica does always need to be adapting her game every match to what works on the day. And what works against one player might not work against another and vice versa. Monica simply can't go on court doing the same thing every match. She does need to constantly be aware of which of her shots are causing the most trouble on the day, how effective getting to the net is being, whether the dropshot is worth using as a weapon or not, etc. Basically this must be one of the challenges she faces as a tennis player that other players don't have to deal with to nearly the same degree. It is though a challenge I think she will get better and better at with more experience.

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