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Re: Julia`s season`s end 2012 - Linz and Luxembourg and ?

Originally Posted by Michael! View Post
well, its well known that niculescu is tricky, her style is just special, not many winners obviously but ugly play, especially "ballbashers" like Safarova or on bad days also Julia have problem with it.
And of course, Niculescu is dangerous here in Lux, showed that last year here also, just tough to handle but for us Julia fans just disappoiting to see that Julia made so many mistakes today although she showed in the past that she is able handle Niculescu´s gamestyle much better.

But I guess that´s the way it is, we´ll see more good days of Julia in future but also more bad days while Niculescu is one of those players who usually play on a consistent level which is not as good as Julia´s best level but also not as bad as her Julia´s worst level, simple

I understand. It's always tough having a fave lose. With the faves I have I have to deal with it all the time. Yesterday I had Rybarikova go down to Dominguez Lino which I think most weren't expecting but Lourdes has been playing fine tennis so... And today Slava blew a 5-1 lead and lost to Kirilenko. Yeah, Slava has been choking a lot and one could simply put this down as the latest example, which it was, but it takes two to tango and Slava wouldn't have been able to choke if Maria hadn't been playing at a pretty decent level.

So basically I'm with you on everything you say in this post. Except one thing . One is always more aware of the form and fluctuation of level with one's faves than one is with other players. But I can tell you that while Monica might not be as strong a player as Julia, I think, on a lower scale, her fluctuations of form are every bit as extreme. They reflect themselves differently yes but Monica is anything but consistent. There are days when she is vastly better than other days. Obviously with her game her effectiveness varies depending on the type of opponent she has, some players do struggle against her some just don't () and also the surface. But also she is very much a confidence player and without confidence she will regularly lose matches from a set and a break up. Very regularly. And her style can vary hugely too. Sometimes she is looking to get to the net at every opportunity sometimes she is just trying to rally (or push as her detractors would say) from the baseline. Sometimes like today she can play a fairly aggressive game, other times...

I'm sure as a Julia fan you would notice as many intricacies in Julia's form as I do in Monica's but I think it is that way for a lot of players. But when your game is as weird as Monica's it does rather mean consistency is something that doesn't really happen.

All the best, and good luck to you and Julia in 2013.

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