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Re: TT #42b | Luxembourg - You may send for Wednesday!

Doubles Differences

Tomek./Vincey!(1) vs. Broseghini/Capriati Rules
Dominguez-Lino, Pervak, Muguruza, vs Rybarikova, Dushevina, Petkovic,
Dominguez-Lino2-0, Pervak2-1, Bertens2-0, Muguruza2-1, Hantuchova2-1, vs Rybarikova2-0, Dushevina2-0, Bertens2-1, Petkovic2-0, Hantuchova2-0,

chenhw/wikuch vs. flareon/Phil=)(4)
Bertens, vs Keothavong,
Dominguez-Lino2-1, Rybarikova2-1, Hradecka2-1, Hradecka2-1, Bertens2-0, vs Dominguez-Lino2-0, Rybarikova2-0, Hradecka2-0, Hradecka2-0, Keothavong2-1,

Meelis/SodaPop(3) vs. adrygf/SAISAI-GOAT
Dushevina, vs Pervak,
Rybarikova2-1, Dushevina2-0, Hradecka2-0, Hantuchova2-0, vs Rybarikova2-0, Pervak2-0, Hradecka2-1, Hantuchova2-1,

Inger67/New_balls_please vs. Frederik/Hayato(2)
Rybarikova ,Rybarikova, vs Dominguez-Lino ,Dominguez-Lino,
Rybarikova2-0, Rybarikova2-0, Hradecka2-1, Hradecka2-1, Petkovic2-1, vs Dominguez-Lino2-1, Dominguez-Lino2-1, Hradecka2-0, Hradecka2-0, Petkovic2-0,

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