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Re: Aussies in WTA events

^^ I might be wrong but it might not be the strongest priority for Rodi to get inside the top 110. She's probably aware that she'll get a w.c to AO anyway... She's probably not the patriotic type to work her butt off for the w/c to be available for someone else.... lol

Getting back to Sam..... what i find frustrating is that in the 3rd sets it's not like she gets totally owned, she usually has a shot to win. She just doesn't seem to step up at the crucial stage and give the impression that as a top player she should handle a close situation better.

Unfortunately it comes down to a lack of execution when it counts (is it due to nerves???). She invariably will miss first serves at crucial points and the same for the backhand. Im wondering if David Taylor has truly analysed the close matches she has lost or do they class it as 'one-of-those-days' and that 'it-will-all-come-together'.

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