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Re: TT #42b | Luxembourg - You may send for Tuesday!

Singles Draw

Main Draw

Second Round

Bart vs. andyroddlick
Highlandman vs. Elzy Gano
Hindrance vs. Frederik
valac222(Q) vs. Emrys

KittyTennis(4) vs. pedropt
Libinek vs. BlackPanther(Q)
Inger67(7) vs. buji
Kirilenko-Fan vs. SAISAI-GOAT(LL)

First Round

5:6 cswab22(1) vs. Bart SR: 2:2
6:4 andyroddlick vs. Vincey!(Q) SR: 4:2
5:6 Tomek. vs. Highlandman SR: 3:4
5:5 Sasja(5) vs. Elzy Gano SR: 2:3

5:6 PAVANILAI(8) vs. Hindrance SR: 2:1
4:4 Frederik vs. NovakSimons(LL) SR: 2:2
6:4 valac222(Q) vs. Hayato SR: 5:4
1:4 Meelis(3) vs. Emrys SR: 1:3

6:5 KittyTennis(4) vs. Ekin SR: 1:3
5:6 Elwin vs. pedropt SR: 2:3
5:5 wikuch(Q) vs. Libinek SR: 0:4
5:5 Freshi(6) vs. BlackPanther(Q) SR: 2:4

5:4 Inger67(7) vs. In The Zone SR: 3:3
4:3 buji vs. Uranium SR: 3:3
5:4 Kirilenko-Fan vs. igralec33 SR: 3:3
6:6 Joaquin(2) vs. SAISAI-GOAT(LL) SR: 3:3 TB1 SR

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