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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Originally Posted by djul14 View Post
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It is good to see that tradition of Steffi Graf references on NBC shows continues!
There are a surprising number of TV shows on the NBC network that have somehow mentioned Steffi from time to time. (Especially since tennis is not a top tier sport here, and one would think if a tennis player is going to be mentioned it would someone like Evert, Connors, or McEnroe from the Seventies Boom Time, or someone like Sampras, Agassi, or the Williams sisters from more recently.) First there was "Friends" when Joey says he is going to "buy the Knicks and Steffi Graf" if he wins the lottery. Then there was the "Mad About You" episode that had a quip about Viagra and a certain Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Then there was a "West Wing" episode that had this exchange (I'm sure it's one Youtube but I lack the inclination to find it):

TOBY: You know the thing about you, Mr. President? It isn't so much that you cheat. It's how brazenly bad you are at it.

BARTLET: I beg your pardon?

JOSH: Toby's got a point there sir.

BARTLET: When have I ever cheated?

TOBY: Up on Florida, playing mixed doubles with me and C.J. You tried to tell us that your partner worked at the American Consulate in Vienna.

BARTLET: And she did!

TOBY: It was Steffi Graf, sir.

BARTLET: Well, I will admit that the woman bore a striking resemblance...

TOBY: It was Steffi Graf, you crazy lunatic! You think I'm not gonna recognize Steffi Graf when she's serving a tennis ball at me?

JOSH: Steffi Graf's won quite a few championships, sir. We've had many opportunities to see photographs.

And now this show, "Parks and Recreation," where one of the main characters has a definite "thing" for Steffi. I get the feeling it's a kind of private joke from behind the scenes.
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