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Re: Does contemporary popular/mainstream music mostly suck?

Originally Posted by saint2 View Post
Mainstream pop ? I'd say its better than 10-15 years ago. Sure, no match for 70s and 80s, but comparing to 90s/early 00s boysband/girlsband/Britney Spears crap, it sounds better. However, what makes me sad, and what really matters to me, is condition of rock. There are no true rockers anymore. Rock is not cool anymore, rock won't get you laid, so there are no great rock bands anymore...
True. The state of rock's popularity also depresses me. But then, it's kind of up to the listener to make it relevant again. I have no doubt that there are many who wish rock would be played more but don't say anything to radio stations, and so nothing changes and electropop continues to dominate.

Most rock bands can still sell albums OK at least, if only because they know their fanbases will come through for them .
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