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Re: Does contemporary popular/mainstream music mostly suck?

I want to reply to this thread somewhat out of context because I'd like to define pop.

I never think of 'pop' as a dirty word or an abbreviation of the word popular. Sure it started out that way, but basically what it's become is a framework or a blueprint for most contemporary music. We have subgenres of pop like indie-pop for instance, which would be a complete oxymoron if we accepted the most basic definition of pop (pop = popular). Otherwise, what would you call the Kate Alexa's of the world (other than crap)?

What I like about the indie scene so much is that like most people, I love that pop framework/blueprint I mentioned earlier. To me, it just makes sense and feels completely natural for music to be consumed in that way by the listener. But on the topic of 'indie': the best artists I find are the ones who know how to push the boundaries of that framework (without overstepping them) and create something interesting enough to stand out from mainstream pop music which is, for the most part, oversimplified and lacking those subtle touches/moments that make music so exciting for me; burying big hooks in atmosphere and guitars is admirable when it's so easy to put everything front and centre.

I am a music snob in that I find most mainstream music uninteresting and uninspiring. The charts are full of brash, overtly-sexual, simplistic songs that are based on gimmickery and the reputation of their artists before craft and innovation. I have nothing against this kind of music and I do keep up with the charts, it's just that everything is so far above the surface that there's no need for repeat listens. I'll go clubbing to chart music anyday, but if I can know a song completely inside-out after 2 or 3 listens, then I probably don't need to buy the album.

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