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Re: Petra Kvitova's YEC 2012

Originally Posted by pov View Post
Dang. You and a few others talk about these people like they're idiots. Which is of course nonsense. What's interesting is that it seems that some would rather think that "they're nice and clueless" rather than think that Kvitova has been lacking in her hunger to dominate. (Although she didn't win a major before she made the mental shift Azarenka is a good comparison. Her game hasn't changed - her attitude changed and desire to dominate increased.) Earlier this year - I was saying much the same thing and yeah I still think that I'd have her fit, toned and sharp. But really, Kviotva is the Czech tennis #1 - the people around her have access to all the advice they want. If it really is a team problem it is probably because underneath the "nice" exterior her coach has a "this is my thing, I'm gonna keep control and do it how I like" attitude.
Well, they are clueless cause of their mistakes (too numerous to mention, but hopefully you read the prior threads documenting them). The latest one being, Petra essentially admitting that they haven't really used any (or much) male hitting partners this year. And all of a sudden when Petra's discusses it, she's extolling the virtues of them (albeit Junior boys), and how they can help her game and prepare for the YEC, as if no one knew that.

For this year, her team always appears--1, 2, 3 steps behind regarding their decision making. Many times their decisions and explanations come off like a casual, small town-time team, than one for a Grand Slam winner and "most talented player under 31 yr old (see, giving respect to Serena) currently on the tour".

As far as Petra: She's a good kid that says she wants to win. And Kotyza says she's smart, determined, etc.. But Petra has her ways as well: She's not aware or mature enough at this stage (presumably for her lack of Top Juniors--it's world travel, and Petra's relaxed personality), to know what it really takes to be thorough professional day in day out (though she appears to be getting better at it). The problem with her team is, they don't seem to know either, or at least condone it.

Petra's manager Csernonek, has alluded to the fact in the past, that top down style coaches don't work with Petra (basically Kotyza caters to Petra and/or finds "unconventional" means to train her). OK. Kool. She's had success with Kotyza, after having success early in her career at 18-19 yrs old with another coach, then suffering injuries the next year, and finally a Wimby semifinal with the more relaxed Kotyza in 2010. However, I also feel that some one with high achievements (a great former coach or player), could make a great advisor, confidante, role model for Petra to listen to as well. That person could make Petra shoot for more sooner and be more comfortable with not only the absolute highest standards and goals, but the naturalness of being in that position. Does Kotyza command that type of respect?

Basically, it's like, you can wait on Petra's 1-4 years to mature/get it (if she ever does), or have someone on her team that can bring it out sooner/now?

Of course things can always change. So stay tuned.
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