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Re: Abigail Spears !!!!!!

If they lose tomorrow/tonight: 5005 vs. 4893. 113 points away from the YEC.
If they win: 5005 vs. 4973. They would be 33 points behind.

The Russians are both entered into Moscow and likely playing doubles because of the tight race. Kops-Jones/Spears kind of have to enter Moscow unless they want to try and win Luxembourg and hope the Russians don't make the Moscow Final (If they lose tonight then they need to hope they don't make the SFs). Entering Moscow gives more points, money, and could see a face off between the 2 teams for the final spot.

Kops-Jones/Spears lose -> Kirilenko/Petrova lose Moscow R1, then Luxembourg SF. Russians lose QF, then Luxembourg W. Russians can't make SFs, Final or Win Title.
Kops-Jones/Spears win -> Kirilenko/Petrova lose Moscow R1, Luxembourg QF. Russians lose QF, then Luxembourg Final. Russians lose SF, then Luxembourg W. Russians can't make Final or Win Title.

If both play Moscow:
Kops-Jones/Spears lose -> Russians lose R1, then QF. Russians lose QF, then Final. Russians lose SF, then Final. Russians lose Final then Kops-Jones/Spears need to have beaten them.
Kops-Jones/Spears win -> They just need to do a round better than Russians.

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