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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 5

Originally Posted by terjw View Post
Yeah we don't really know. But I definitely get the impression that the golf softens the blow to her when she loses and so she's not as hungry for success as she used to be.

Anyway the fact is we can whine all we like here about her and her watching Rory. I mean we are actually free to choose to support someone else if we don't like her and what she's doing. But the fact is that Caro isn't going to stop watching Rory play golf. That's not going to stop happening. So I think whining about that really doesn't serve any purpose. I mean Rory can be #1 at golf and watch Caro. So what's he doing right that Caro can't seem to do the other way round.
Said this a few months back and,in agreement with the thrust of your post,will say it again: The distracting bf is very rarely the CAUSE of the problem but rather just a SYMPTOM.Not that anyone here really wishes for it(I don't think),but,if Rory mysteriously dropped dead,Caroline would mourn for a while(we can only guess how long)....and then she'd find someone NEW in her life.If her love for tennis was where it is now,then the new guy would ALSO be a distraction,to some degree,as Caro looked to spend time with him......If the desire for tennis burned hard within her,then she'd find an effective balance as others have done

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