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Re: Petra Kvitova's YEC 2012

Originally Posted by netphobia View Post
that's exactly what I've always's not down to laziness or anything like that. more cluelessness than anything else.

I will say it's kind of refreshing to be a fan of someone inconsistent. You never take wins for granted :P or losses, for that matter.

Still afraid of the 2013 season but I keep thinking in the back of my mind that perhaps there will be some ridiculous turnaround, and 2012 will be looked at as the year she needed to settle into things, and 2013 will be the ~projected dominance that 2012 was supposed to be. And then I think ohhh God I shouldn't get my hopes up.
Yes. They're like the Gang That Can't Shoot Straight, the Three Stooges (when they had Ivanko) or any other metaphors/examples of haplessness you can come up with . Well intentioned; just comical at times.

Nice people with nice goals, who want Petra to do well. Not sure if they realize the comprehensive commitment they and Petra need for her to be great (unless they're just taking it easy on her during her "transitional" year)?

As you said, maybe it will all click for Petra in 2013. We'll see? Cause right now it seems like her team and practice regimen are all over the place.

But there's still time (and like we alluded, maybe they're waiting on 2013 to implement the top flight--comprehensive team or management of Petra's schedule, training, practices, medical advice, strategic goals and game planning)?

Of course, if/when Petra plays lights out (for what ever reason), all will be tabled--though not forgotten (till the next unexpected loss, crappy play and dead period).
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