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Re: Generali Ladies, Linz 2012

Originally Posted by Ziva View Post

Its not like anyone here did any of that you describe, as if there was a single attack against her and remind yourself, we do not write her a letter, we discuss something in a forum. The outta line shits you can see on twitter and what I just saw on her facebook now.

Blowing off steam is also a very good thing in life, I wouldn't mind if Sabine would destroy a racket on court in frustration, maybe it helps, maybe not, but it's better than just taking it and getting more angry on yourself, which I think she does at times, thinking about her meltdown on the practise court a few months back.
It's HOW you go about blowing off steam that's the issue. You think breaking a racquet on court would be fine, but that's you, not everyone else. Maybe you use the term brainless frequently and don't consider that an attack on someone, but that's you. What you consider a "discussion," others may see as a series of bitter diatribes.

I would have thought by now it was obvious that at least some of us don't agree with the "blowing off of steam" in this sub-forum. I can't speak for anyone but myself, so I'll try and make my position really clear. It's got nothing to do with defending Sabine at all, it's the attitudes frequently displayed here that piss ME off! You may think you're blowing off steam, but you're also spoiling it for me, and probably others, because I have to read that shit if I come on here. You get rid of your shit by blowing it off, and I end up copping that shit in the face so you can feel better? Try to find another way to blow of your steam that isn't so selfish.

There are so many ways of blowing off steam that don't impact negatively on others, all you need to do is think about it, and about the rest of us.
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