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Re: Petra Kvitova's YEC 2012

Originally Posted by ShiftyFella View Post
Petra said that Adam was hitting way too hard for her and they ditch him, i guess that's why they didn't hire anybody else but Kotyza should've know better that proper hitting partner cant tweak his shots but juniors can't and coach better coaching when watching player not when hitting with one because you can't properly evaluate stuff. Maybe now they find some kids that would hit with power that Petra needs

I think he was there just as her boyfriend but maybe she hit with him few times, who knows
I don't know/never heard Petra mention he "hit too hard for her". I thought Adam left (Ahem), cause he had to concentrate on his upcoming Pro career.

And even if he did "hit too hard", Adam could temper it, or Petra could get used to it.

And there are certain elements where that "problem" would come in handy (like practicing your ROS, volleys and touch shots under duress during certain drills). That's what you want then.

Last year, Petra was winning the ground stroke battles facing the top players. This year, Petra was making too many errors in that area (particularly against Sharapova, when all the other top players were kicking Sharpies ass). I don't see how Adam "hitting too hard (if true)", would hurt. Sounds like a cop out, a passing or faulty reason. All Males hit hard!! Come on now!

And you also brought up another excellent point. An experienced hitting partner can tailor his shots in a more subtle manner than a youngster could. They can work with you better and know what you want more than a in-experienced kid ever could.

So we'll see how this (Junior Brigade) thing works in a few weeks? However, I continue to believe Petra's team this past year has been almost totally clueless (and cheap).

They need a leader or someone to take charge. It almost seems like a rudderless ship--moving aimlessly. Every good idea seems to be an afterthought (or after the fact).
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