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Re: Petra Kvitova's YEC 2012

Originally Posted by ShiftyFella View Post
I think it was just her gut feeling and frustration because of low level performance after slam win, this time it all can be different. We have to wait and see how stuff unfolds but i have confidence in Petra and hope she can make out of RR rounds and gets to semis.

Petra practiced with Adam who was just low level men's mug and she wins Wimbledon than she stops practicing with men and her level goes downhill(omit YEC form), so maybe this way is better
I'm glad you noticed.

I didn't want to keep beating a dead horse alone.

Sometimes you gotta wonder, what's Petra's team is thinking.

If something worked last year, why not replicate it this year? Even if you have to hire people per diem, part or full time. Why not? She made $5 million dollars in prize money alone last year. Like I said previously, "they don't act like a team with a player of Petra's caliber". I find it incredulous, that they weren't using a male hitting partner most of the year. SMH

On your first point about Petra--going into Linz last year. You're probably right (on Petra's feelings).

Adam was an ATP mug--for sure. But at least he was a top 20 junior male. How low ranked are these teeny boppers, before it impacts Petra's preparation (if she doesn't play Lux)?

You know how they always say "the 900 ranked male can beat the top ranked woman (I think Adam was 500-800 )"?

OK. How low are these young schmucks (and where you start to get diminishing returns)? But like you said. Back to the Juniors.
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