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Re: Petra Kvitova's YEC 2012

Originally Posted by ShiftyFella View Post
what i get from her recent interviews, she is pumped and ready to work on her game, if Petra goes to Lux she may or may not get to level she needs but if she stays to practice she can get close to it and would remain positive because if she plays shaky in Lux this can be knock on her confidence, also i'm interested how Petra and her team would handle preparation for YEC without any events that would get her in rhythm

btw, in Montreal HuggyBear was absent also, so maybe she should ditch him at all and play without coach
Interesting theory Shifty.

Not sure if you read everything I wrote. But last year--around this time--Petra hadn't won two matches in a row (except Tokyo) since Wimbledon.

Her game was shot. She was struggling and had no answers. Petra wanted to practice on her own (or what ever she planned to do) as well. She didn't plan to enter a tournament either. Just like what you're saying now.

It wasn't until the last minute (since she was the #2 ranked player--she had precedence), she decided to go to Linz--with out Kotyza to "work on my game and practice my shots", she said.

Remember, Petra doesn't have to learn how to slice, drop shot and volley. She already can. It's more a timing, feel--for the opponent--issue, under match conditions (especially against excellent opponents--or after she hasn't played in a while).

Petra practicing alone, with lower ranked female players, Katie the PR lady or Kotyza, may work somewhat. However, it's not going to replicate match conditions or competition, when she needs to.

Maybe the pre and post pubescent boys of Prostejov can?....But who knows (what we know about them, their ability, and experience)?

If Petra bombs out of Luxemberg, she can always go back and practice as you said. If Petra's practicing now, then she can try to perfect her timing at Luxemberg--rather than the YEC. That's the difference. Petra had already got her timing down on her all court game after Linz--once she entered the YEC last year. And she won.

Not saying history will repeat itself. But I'm not sure how you can argue, practicing alone is the better idea.

Yes it's true. Petra both practiced and performed simultaneously at the same tournament--Linz--with out her coach Kotyza (as Montreal and several other events).

Petra said she didn't plan to win: Just work on her game. And "Wha-la", she ended up winning (Linz, the YEC and Fed Cup).
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