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Re: Says Azarenka, Serena is the greatest player of all time

Originally Posted by SelesGOAT View Post
I am not a fan of either Navratilova or Graf, but I am a form of two of the other possible best ever Court and Evert (and Seles, although I know I am in the minority of thinking she can even be in the argument). What Serena would need to do in order to be the best ever:

-Win atleast 20 slams. Definitely win more slams than Martina and Chris. Right now she hasnt even won enough to bring the "what if the Australian Open" "or what if she wasnt stabbed" into play for Court and Graf, nor is she close to the unasterixed marks of Wills, Chris, or Martina either.

-Spend alot more time at #1. This is a no brainer. As bad as the WTA ranking system is, and as much as I concur she is clearly the best player in the World much of the time she isnt ranked #1, she still needs major imrpovement in this stat.

-Needs another 4 or 5 years of top level tennis. Serena probably already has the greatest longevity of any player in history, but the reason she needs this is not for that category, but to overcame that 5 year hold she barely did anything, she needs to stretch out to a year of about 10 years straight of top 3 slam winning caliber tennis.

-Win a 2nd French. This is another no brainer. The GOAT cant have only 1 title at any of the 4 slams, and she really needs some more semis or finals here if possible too.
I agree with most that you have said, but honestly I believe Graf is the only one who competes with Serena for the GOAT title, but I think that it is unfair to compare their records, because Serena dropped from the rankings so many times because of injuries, medical complications etc.. which obviously affect the longevity of being on top. She did reach #1 everytime she came back after a long absence and fast too. I wonder how long it will take her in 2013 (if not by the end of 2012).

btw.. When I watch Navratilova, Evert and Graf on youtube back when they were in their primes I don't see them having any chances vs Serena (in shape). Their accuracy was amazing, but Serena's power + accuracy is too much. If Lindsay could beat Graf so many times with her power, Serena would have dominated her for sure.
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