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Re: Survivor 25: Phillipines - Begins Sept. 19

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
Abi I like RC a lot more, so its frustrating to see Pete's scheme work. I do like Lisa though, so it's ok. I think RC will be able to work Mike, who can work Lisa, and together they'll convince the black dude (forget his name...) to get rid of Abi. They can play her/Pete up as a couple, threat, she's unstable etc.
I'm in the same boat as you. I like RC, she's a good player, but she she put her faith in a psycho. Abi actually told someone else about the idol, and actually found it herself. But she's pissed at RC for putting the clue in her bag? If only RC waited a few more days and let Abi's psycho come out before sharing the clue, maybe we don't have to deal with this shit...

It also annoys me that Pete actually pulled a pretty clever trick, and it worked out really well, because I hate his smugness.

Originally Posted by Vincey! View Post
The good thing is that they could both serve as swing vote in the two tribes. They seem to be slowly but surely dividing into 2 groups each...Abi and Pete vs RC and Skupin in the yellow tribe and Men vs Women in the red tribe. I think they could make the merge even in two different tribes.
I agree with this actually. The other two tribes seem set for a split, and I think Malcolm and Denise will make the merge (maybe next ep?) as a solid duo.

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