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Re: Linz R1: Azarenka def. Rus 6-0, 6-2

Originally Posted by aselto View Post
You sure showed me. Oh wait, I'm not the one posting sour grapes about how it should be beneath a player to play tennis after that player spanked my fave last Sunday. Try harder next time.

A Queen aka me is not supposed to give any account of her actions to the peasantry aka you. But since I am a gracious ruler: You poor little soul, I see you are taking everything I say/do very close to your heart. I don't 'try' everything comes to me naturally. Its a blessing really, I cannot imagine how hard it must be for the untalented, ordinary individuals but I do pity with you.

Originally Posted by I.Luv.Kvitty View Post
I'm sorry ... nothing is more amusing than

I beg to differ. This below is just in another dimension of amusement.

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