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Re: Interesting Fact: 1st time in WTA history every player in top 8...

Fine, NashaMasha, that you are not discussing with me, which would make your arguments seem much weaker:

Originally Posted by NashaMasha View Post
check the map of Kievan Rus, baby
1015-1113 AD ,

since 13th century it's become a part of Grand Duchy of Lithuania, but initially a territory of Kievan Rus
Well, are we going to reach THAT early?

To remind you, AndreConrad was discussing with the following statement of the greendestiny:
Originally Posted by thegreendestiny View Post
Modern-day Belarus did not exist as a country until the fall of USSR. Before that, it was historically a part of either the USSR or the Russian Empire.
I think that just mentioning some 540-545 years of Belarus being part of Grand Duchy of Lithuania (ca 1250-ca 1793/95) is enough to demonstrate that the greendestiny was wrong. All the more so as I pointed to the fact that people speaking proto-Belarussian could feel that they are very important part of population of that state for at least ca 400 years. It's a very important argument because after incorporation of these territories into Russian Empire (at the turn of the 18th/19th century) Belarussian language was banned and its users persecuted!

The maps of Kievan Rus can be used as a fine argument in favor of incorporation of today's Russia INTO today's Ukraine, because the capital of that state was Kiev. But you wouldn't like it, would you? Reaching earlier than 13th c. makes little sense, because it is at that time when languages Old Ruthenian and Medieval Russian splitted.

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