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Re: Music: Nightwish replaces Anette Olzon with Floor Jansen!

I gotta say when I heard the news I got pretty exited, even knowing its not something permanent (as of yet )

I don´t think Tarja will be back in Nightwish, unless she divorces Marcelo

I LOVE Floor, she´s one of my favorite metal godesses, she´s got the voice (and sings as good live) and she´s got a badass headbanger attitude, and what I love the most about her is that whenever she´s giving a concert she looks comfortable singing metal, her headbanging and performance are natural, it looks like she belongs there, nothing looks forced, not even her air guitar moves She is the whole package, she´s a queen.

I hope she´ll stay, she will be good for the band, many fans didn´t even give Nightwish a shot after Tarja was gone, but now with Floor they´ll definitely do it (of course taking out those die hard Tarja fans that see her as the victim and see the rest of the band as the devil of everything that went on), afterall Floor is not a nobody in the metal scene, she happens to be one of the most loved and respected ladies out there.

now when hearing the old Nightwish songs sang by someone else other than Tarka, I won´t be nearly in tears. and there won´t be this Tarja vs Floor as it was Tarja vs Anette, which got very annoying.

I do love Tarja (only with Nightwish though!) but for me Floor>>>>>>>Tarja (and just about 90% of the female headbangers bunch)

While Floor has her band and work, she does sound quite exited about being singing for Nightwish:
What do you do when Nightwish asks you to join them on tour? Stay calm and say, well OK….? Or does your heart start beating twice as fast instantly, hands start to sweat and your mouth is unwilling to pronounce words like “that sounds amazing”.

which gives me a hope she´ll stay. Of course if she´s asked to, I hope Tuomas won´t be a fool and not ask her, or even if he doesn´t () at least get a girl that will do justice to the band and their songs (someone like Lori Lewis ), Annete did her thing, but for me Nightwish was way too big for her.

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