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Re: Elena Baltacha Undergoes Successful Foot Surgery

I think it is quite sensible that Elena is keeping the question about whether she returns or not open.

I am always weary of people who state what they intend to be doing in 3 years time or 5 years time or even 6 months time. Fact is, none of us know what we will feel like in a couple of years time and neither do these individuals who apparently think they do.

When a player says they will retire before they reach their 30th birthday or that they will keep playing until, oh say the Brazilian Olympics, or anything else of this sort one should always take these comments with a grain of salt. Circumstances change. People's opinions and ambitions and plans change too. I know if I was a tennis player I would never make an attempt to plan my retirement in advance. I would simply retire when it seemed appropiate for me to do so, with my desire to continue to compete being the deciding factor.

That Elena is wise enough to realise this will be very much to her benefit. Without having committed herself to either retiring or returning she can listen to her heart closer to the time. She can then make a decision without any pressure and without having to worry about the awkwardness of having to announce some kind of change of mind.

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