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Re: Tennis Pentathlon #22 -- Moscow - Commit and try!

Beginner's guide:

Originally Posted by Rookie View Post
Can I be in, please. I'm still fuzzy on exactly how the game is played, though.
- You send your picks like TT, with set ratios (2-0 or 2-1), but in the order you are most confident of winning. So if Serena plays she's probably your top pick, and if two equal-ranked scrubs play each other that's likely the bottom pick.

Originally Posted by Rookie View Post
Thanks, and how exactly does WAR work??
- If your pick is correct, you get points according to how many picked the loser in that match. So if you picked Serena in WAR you would get 0 or 1 points, while picking Razzano could yield 20 points. Therefore you may want to be slightly more adventurous with your WAR picks as the potential payout is large.

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