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Re: Says Azarenka, Serena is the greatest player of all time

Originally Posted by cehowardrx7 View Post
Your posts is high on the dipchit list!!

First off, you jump on me and say why do I have to bring Graf into this. Whereas, my dog would have read and see that the GRAF fans always insert Graf when people start talking about the greatness of Serena. They come with Graf's inflated Slam Count, and I come back with the truth, and give evidence of how that slam count was inflated, and will be forever tainted.

You call me stupid because I state the motives of the person that stabbed Monica Seles..

Give me a break..
The title of this thread is about whether Serena is the best ever. It is not whether Graf is or not. Graf is not the Federer of womens tennis anyway, the hands down consensus GOAT, there isnt one in womens tennis in fact, there are a number that are argued. What you think about Graf is more than obvious so you dont need to keep repeating it 100 times. There are atleast 4 or 5 other women well ahead of Serena in achievements besides Graf at this point though, so if you want to argue Serena as GOAT you are going to have to do better than just attempt to eliminate Graf. Your arguments might make a shread of sense in this thread if Graf was the only player in front of Serena in the GOAT debate, but this is far from the case.
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