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Re: X Factor Australia 2012

Some big hits and misses last night. Going to start getting tough soon.

My Rankings for last night.

1.Nathaniel. This is what he needed - by far the standout of the night. Best performance of the season for me.
2.Samantha. Sensational, I knew she could sing but wow that note in the middle fog was way over the top though
3.Bella. Thought this song choice would be a train wreck but handled it very well and sounded fantastic in parts. Agree with Guy though she needs to be stripped back.


4.Collective. By far their weakest so far, Totally cheesy outfits and just a bland version of the song. Very disappointed in Ronan playing it safe.
5.Jason. Can't believe I'm ranking him so high but it's more to do with the other acts being awful. He looks better and personality is infectious. Mel needs to start presenting him as an actual artist though not a joke act. The dancing is completely daggy and needs to stop if he wants any kind of career as an artist. He's better than what he's being presented as.
6. Fortunate. They stepped up last week, but back to bland same old this week. Actually went to get a drink in the middle of this. I've seen so many acts like them in the past they do nothing for me.
7. Angel . She got the pimp spot sining last and they were obviously trying to create the "Angel comes back fighting" moment - failed miserably. Messing up the words at this stage of the comp and just a messy shouty over the top performance for me. I hated it.


8. Shiane I hate to rank her so low because she has totally won me over - but this was the kind of performance you would expect from a school production or something. I don't think she was comfortable with the song AT ALL which is Nat's fault. Janis Joplin is an absolute one off and I don't know what Nat's thought process was for this?! This was not a challenge it was an impossible task. She'll be safe though.
9. Carmello Nice boy, nice voice - no X-Factor in any way shape or form. Constantly out of time and just wandering around the stage with absolutely no presence. Please end it Australia.

I usually try and guess who will be the bottom 2 but with the way things have gone I have absolutely no idea. Could be anyone.
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