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Re: Where does Azarenka go from here?

Originally Posted by Vikapower View Post
I think she can ; the Australian suits her game extremely well ; Victoria is an exceptional HC player but obviously it will be hard because I don't think she has ever defended a title that she had won the year before (needs to be verified). Now that she's in her prime probably things will/might change we'll see.

Are you other people really wasting time of Jimmie -- his bandwagonning and extreme stanning for Victoria is so fake it's not even particularly that funny to make a huge deal out of it. There's nothing to persecute really.

It's just funny now that Victoria has stated herself as/to be an all time great/entered her prime dude's like Jimmie pop out from nowhere these very same people who (constantly, consistently) criticized her, calling her whiner, cry-baby, mocking her retirements etc.

I'm not saying you can't change opinion but it's a little bit too easy like Jimmie to auto-proclaim one-self as the next Duke William of Normandy Illimulated-Vika-fan-deliverer of the Good Word via somekind of Anglican faux-Act of Supremacy when the machinery is well in place and half of the time before she was just their spitting-toy.

Good for him if he loves Victoria, it's unfortunate that it sounds so unreal that it doesn't even annoy or anything -- nothing to persecute, really.
You gotta love Vikapower
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