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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 5

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
I mentioned how Caro lost to weak-minded,zero-slam-threat BBs like Ana,Goerges and Domi,and YOU cited her match vs. a top player and Slam champion in Petra.Honestly,I could almost excuse such a loss to a Petra or Serena,except Caro was just helpless out there....she had NO ANSWERS,NO PLAN B....and that makes it,again,IRRELEVANT,if it happens every 2 matches or every 6 months.Caro must be better prepared to counterattack power-hitters in those big matches.

So let's be clear that I'm NOT suggesting that Caroline's defense was BAD,per se,but her inability to counterattack in-form power hitters is an achilles heel that will never go away until she takes action to rectify's merely a question of how often it happens.....Gotta run for now,so seeya later
I'm all for Caro trying to improve her offensive arsenal, but I think that people made too much of her losing against the best power hitters when she was number one. Sure, she was helpless against, say, Petra in that Wimbledon match. But that is what happens when one great player plays her best, even when it's a match against another great player. Pundits were just harder on Caroline because they could say, "see, why did we tell you guys? When a BB plays her best a defensive player like Caroline is helpless." And they were right. But when a great player plays her best against a BB, even a great BB - that BB is also helpless. Just ask Sharapova. In short, what happened to Caroline could happen to anyone, including any great player when they face another great player at her best. Chris Evert also had a match where she beat Navratilova 6-0/6-0. But in their case everyone accepts that Chris had a great day and Martina wasn't at her best. When something similar happened to Caroline it's someow supposed to be proof that she was inferior. Having said that, even at her best, and even if she improves her forehand I doubt she'll ever be as great as a, say, Serena, Venus, Hingis or Henin at their best. But there's no shame in that. We can only expect her to maximise her potential and try to be the best possible Caroline Wozniacki. If she maximises her talent she'll continue (or get back) to have a great career, regardless of how it compares with the careers of the greats.

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