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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 5

Originally Posted by terjw View Post
This was the theory and was generally accepted as one of the ways you could beat Caro when she was beating almost everyone she played and had won 10 tournaments in 12 months. That you could beat Caro by blasting her off the court. And yes it was true in theory. The problem with that theory is that it rarely actually happened. If it was so simple - then why wasn't it regularly happening. I'm talking in particular about that 12 month stretch where she won 10 tournaments between Wimbledon 2010 - Wimbledon 2011.

We all know the most famous match where she was blasted off the court. Against Petra at Wimbledon 2010. The next 12 months - the best she played - I can't recall her being blasted off the court like that. She had losses - particluarly thinking of Kim, Vera and Li. But she had chances those matches and they were nothing like that Petra loss.

It was the theory you could beat her by doing a Petra - but it didn't happen. And the reason was that they could overpower her for a few games. But it's a totally different proposition to play lights out for a whole match agains a player who was as good as Caro was then and who in addition gifted you no free points.
Yes, it was one of the cliches about her old game IMO just like claims that she was always winning by luck because her opponent was sick/injured etc.
In reality she was hard to beat and the few times she lost it was when her opponent managed to be flawless and hit a high number of winners. And let's be honest, that didn't very happen often because she was good at working out their weaknesses and knew how to make them commit an error. She did have some freak losses just like the one against Petra but that happens to every player. Should Serena change her game because of a loss to Razzano? Don't think so.

Right now it's easier to beat Caro because she is gifting her opponents many points with UEs. Ironic as it is, I noticed that they are now using the same strategy as she used to to beat them - just keep the rally going and wait for her errors. And they always come.
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