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Re: Are Azarenka and Wozniacki still friends?

Originally Posted by KamanKarolina View Post
I think people forget that it was Azarenka herself who once tweeted/posted on facebook a picture of her and Caro with a caption along the lines of 'Going to dinner with my BFF', so clearly they *were* close friends at some point. They tweet each other far less frequently now, however that may just be a simple case of both having too much on their plates with regards to sponsorship commitments, relationships and differing schedules.

It isn't 2009/2010 anymore. They are two of the WTA's leading stars (yes that's true for Karolina too, who despite flirting with irrelevancy is still better known than half of the top 10) and it's a simple case of not having as much time for each other, it happens. The people wanting there to be some sort of embittered jealously ridden reason behind the cooling down of the friendship are gonna be left wanting
With that being said, Twitter is a terrible tool to try and judge Caro's social life. She's been rather lazy with it (usually like 2-3 Tweets a week) and it's mostly some boring stuff about the golfer.

She doesn't really use it to communicate with other players at all, until a while ago she didn't even bother to follow Kerber even though they`re rather close friends. So making friendship assumptions based on that doesn't work, she simply doesn't use Twitter like Vika for example who's constantly messaging people, posting photos etc.
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