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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 5

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
This was a very articulate post,Terjw...but it was largely completely irrelevant.

I mentioned how Caro lost to weak-minded,zero-slam-threat BBs like Ana,Goerges and Domi,and YOU cited her match vs. a top player and Slam champion in Petra.Honestly,I could almost excuse such a loss to a Petra or Serena,except Caro was just helpless out there....she had NO ANSWERS,NO PLAN B....and that makes it,again,IRRELEVANT,if it happens every 2 matches or every 6 months.Caro must be better prepared to counterattack power-hitters in those big matches.

What you totally failed to address were the losses to the lesser players;obviously,it couldn't be THAT easy to knock Caro off the court or she wouldn't have been #1 for a it was POINTLESS for you to bring that up.The problem is that it DOES happen,and it happens against inferior players that a #1 MIGHT lose to on fluke occasions...but NOT so easily.I can't even recall ONE match where Graf,Henin,ASV,Davenport or one of the WS was smacked all over the court defenselessly by such an inferior player...and,if it DID happen,it did so only once or twice in their entire careers...not three or more times in one season.

So let's be clear that I'm NOT suggesting that Caroline's defense was BAD,per se,but her inability to counterattack in-form power hitters is an achilles heel that will never go away until she takes action to rectify's merely a question of how often it happens.....Gotta run for now,so seeya later
Caro did not lose to Ana let alone get smacked off the court during the period I quoted and even this year she beat Ana on their first encounter.I thought I was clear that I was not talking about the Caro now who makes far more UEs and is not the best defensive player in the world.

As for Georges - I don't think her two losses during the period I was talking about - not 2012 - were due to her being vulnerable to a ball-basher hitting her off the court. What I do think is that her forehand broke down though. Even then - one match was a 3-setter and the other was 7-6 6-3. I actually think that she'd started her decline then. The only tournaments she won since then are Brussels, Copenhagen, New Haven and Seoul - no big tournaments like she was doing. Dani at RG I didn't see. Also - all these matches were on the red dirt which she doesn't really play well on and were at the start of her decline.

As for comparing Caro with Graf, Henin. WS etc. - well who's comparing Caro to these all time greats. I'm not and never have done.

Caroline Wozniacki

Chris Evert, Steffi Graf, Kim Clijsters

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