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Re: Why does Vika hate Maria so much?

Originally Posted by Bradbury View Post

Have they sought comfort in their usual 'Atleast Maria is pretty and popular!11' argument yet?

How pathetic is it for a tennis fan to have to resort to such a vain and completely non-tennis argument on a tennisforum every time this tennis player loses ! I dont know how someone being pretty or rich gives a tennis fan any joy or satisfaction.
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Originally Posted by NashaMasha View Post
maybe because she

1) has 3 Slams less
2) earns some 20 mln less
3) doesn't have even 10% of Masha's fans
4) is not considered a top star of the tournaments even being №1 for almost a year

In reality, Vika is just far form being a diplomat or politician..... She is more like Tyson/Ali type and doesn't care if she is polite or not.

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