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Re: Why does Vika hate Maria so much?

Originally Posted by Si_Hi View Post
The real bitches are those who say nice things and behave the other way.
Sharapova certainly qualifies.
I don't agree. People who behave like bitches in your face are just the ones who admit to be bitches. That doesn't change the fact that they're all bitches.
I don't like people who behave like brats and say 'I'm just being honest', because there's always a way to tell the truth somewhat politely.

Originally Posted by serbian_siren View Post
yeh, i seriously think off-court she doesn't give a fuck about any player. even all the beatdowns from rena doesn't affect her attitude off court towards her (even if it's fake ) sometimes you just have to accept defeat. we only exaggerate such losses because we're all crazy fans, but in the real tennis circuit it's just another day at the office, if you lose, you lose. no point in dwelling on the fact otherwise masha wouldn't play tennis every again
It would be sad though if she doesn't care about what she appears to love so much. I don't think she has a long lasting future if she just sees Tennis as a normal job to earn money. She puts her body on the line for it and you need to have some kind of passion and determination to do something like she does.
And it's ok to be upset or disappointed over losses. She needs to move on and she probably does cope with losses well, but I don't believe she goes off the court after a loss and just shruggs it off like it was nothing.
She even was about to cry during the Olympic finals, so....
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