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Re: 1960 Results Tournaments

The Essex Championships Frinton On Sea Tournament July 11-16 Grass

2 Round
Deidre Catt D Mrs Vakil 6/0-6/0
Daniele Wild D Mrs Hassid 2/6-6/3-6/4
Caroline Yates Bell D Francoise Bonniard 6/1-6/4
Honor Durose D S Fisher 6/2-6/1
Pat Hird D Claudine Pierval 6/4-6/4
Pierrette Seghers D Cindy Golbert 7/5-5/7-6/2
Jm Young D J Watts 7/5-6/2
Marlene Gerson D Mrs Carter 6/3-6/0

D Catt D D Wild 6/3-6/0
C Yates Bell D H Durose 6/3-6/2
P Hird D P Seghers 6/2-6/2
M Gerson D Jm Young 6/4-8/6

D Catt D C Yates Bell 6/3-6/2
P Hird D M Gerson 7/5-4/6-6/3

Deidre Catt D Pat Hird 6/2-6/4

Hird -yates Bell D Catt -gerson M 6/4-6/4
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