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Re: The X Factor UK (Season 9 LIVE show Top 12 with 1 WC)

Actually I feel good for this year's quality, except for a couple of them. I can feel they're trying to make the show more relevant with the song choices but still for some performances.

Who the hell's idea asking a country singer singing a Nicki Minaj pop/rap song? despite that, I actually see the potential of the song being sung in that arrangement. Poor Carolynne being screwed by Gary.

Rylan His performance though is rather alright.

Jahmene did oversing a little and kind of off in some parts but even if he sings in a controlled way, I think it's already enough to wow the public. But one thing I also started to get annoyed by is his giggles.

Christopher did justice on that Mariah's song, so good luck. I'm actually quite impressed by him not being that nervous like she was during his audition. He improved on his nerves controlling way better than Jahmene.

I like District3. Love their twist on that classic Tina Turner song but I feel like they could've made the song even more intense during the chorus.

James is also pretty good. Very cool performance. Not sure if he will get the public support with his image but his makeover is quite surprisingly good too.

Lucy is pretty brave singing her own song on first liveshow? First time ever in X Factor history? Nice to see her doing her own thing.

Union J got screwed by Louis. The production screams gay to me. I like Jaymi, the vocalist in that group.

MK1 is a relevant group and pretty good but I don't see it going very far.

Jade is ok, nice tone in her voice, a little nasally in her vocal for my taste though. Forgettable performance.

Kye, needless to say, arguably the top 3 best performance of the night. Flawless imo.

Ella, is pretty good too but not totally flawless. Some off notes especially that last note. Need some more vocal lessons to get much better. But overall she's one of the fave in the competition.

Melanie My #1 fave this season. Totally brought down the house. She is like already a legend in the music industry. Rock on Mel. It' will be a disaster if she doesn't get through to the big finale.
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