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Re: Safina: Serena must play full year to be real No. 1

Originally Posted by Iguehi View Post
If you can't see a connection to your post, then you didn't have a point other than to down Serena. Serena's loss was a horrible thing for her, as she's never lost 1st round at a slam and she was very positive going into it. Maria being embarrassed on a grand global scale should have been bad, but it seems by your account she was just happy to be there, being embarrassed. Okay. Two totally different viewpoints by the fans (I guess Serena fans have higher expectations since Serena has delivered time and time again) and the players and it's probably why Serena used her lowest point to reach highs while Maria is content to have her French. Cool.
These are the Mashafans for you. I guess they've finally accepted that Serena is sooooooooo much superior than Masha, that even a 0 and 1 beatdown for Masha is cool with them.

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