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Re: Why is Graf overlooked?

Originally Posted by cehowardrx7 View Post
That person that asked that question and tries to used the online states as solid evidence, is a graf-tard. So, all all the people voting in the onine stats.

I am going to ask you a counter question. Why is it that this always comes up when discussing Graf's record, mainly her slam record?

What I say, doesn't count. What history says, counts. It is in history what happened and it will always be mentioned when Graf is mentioned for greatness.
Thank you Ceh

Imo,Graf's Slam record is not the only reason,as Court has more,but the combination of other records as we have had the chance to see them here such as weeks at number 1,that elusive Golden Slam,H2H against other major opponents and other records that obviously outshine others.

I must say that even when you vote online,you can vote for every player suggested as you have a free choice and as we have seen from posted links Graf is always voted on top,either here or on that Australian Open poll posted above.

On the contrary,tennis-magazine did not vote online,as only experts voted,but the result is the same as Graf is the highest placed woman on that list.

Is it a coincidence that experts pick is the same as online voted pick?
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