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Re: Safina: Serena must play full year to be real No. 1

Originally Posted by SelesGOAT View Post
Azarenka is not a criticized #1 the way Safina was. Safina is wrong in all she said. The general feeling is Azarenka is the deserving #1 but Serena is by far the best player, and at this point Serena has had the best year with Azarenka close behind. All this is true. In Safina's case she was not a remotedly valid and worthy #1 in the way Azarenka currently is. She did not win a big tournament, she did not perform as consistently as Azarenka has, she did not consistently challenge and beat the best players. Safina is projecting herself onto Azarenka and that is a mistake as people do not view Azarenka the way they viewed her at #1, and for good reason. If she wants people to act like Serena is not the best player right now, #1 ranking or not, #1 deserving or not, then her back injury must have expanded to her brain, not that she ever seemed a bright lady.
I think that's the thing who annoys Safina and many more people. No matter how you twist it, it's certainly not a compliment to Vika to say that she is NOT the best player out there but that she is the N1.
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