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Re: New Rihanna Era: First single 'Diamonds' [now on iTunes]

Originally Posted by Svetlana))) View Post
Agoolera = Shitina Xtincta Fatasfuckfloptina

You are clearly bothered by Rihsus since you remain perchedT in this thread even though many posters have made it crystal clear that nobody
uses you and would appreciate if you would fuck off in a similar fashion to how Bionic made its exit from the Billboard 200 with the quickness. Don't sit here coming for Rihsus' diamond matrix when all of us know damn well that you would trade your existence (not like that is worth very much) to have that golden cooch so you can be fucked by the list of men (Chris Evans, Berdych etc....) that your wrinkly 50 year old dick wanks to every night.
The irony . I stated my opinions without involving you in any way, but you're the one who came along and tried to make it all personal. BTW your attempts to insult me are wasting your time. Kinda hard to be insulted by someone you don't know beyond a 96x96 image on a screen .
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